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The Choos

Dave Akerman, Guitar

Having played guitar since he was 12, Dave played his first gig at the tender age of 15 and has continued playing ever since (quite a long time actually). His early musical influences range from Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Santana and The Eagles moving through to more soul-based musicians such as Stevie Wonder and jazz funk/disco artistes.


Coming from a musical family, he originally learnt to play Violin at primary school but soon got bored with that and moved onto guitar. Even though he had music lessons as a kid Dave says he really couldnt be bothered to `learn music properly' and cant read music even now, relying on his musical ear to play.


Dave has played with a number of bands around the Kent area over the years and in different styles from rock to jazz funk. 


As well as playing guitar with The Choos Dave also plays bass guitar, some keyboards, tenor sax and cello at home (much to the annoyance of his neighbours!) and likes to create and record his own stuff when he has time - which is generally not very often due to the comittments of having a large family and running his own business.


Dave says that he would love to have more time to spend learning other instruments but maybe ought to master the guitar properly first! Maybe one day.......

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