Peter Charge, Sax

Pete is one of the founder member of The Choos and heads up the brass section with his Tenor sax. He has been playing sax for over 30 years and has clocked up hundreds of hours of gig experience in a number of Kent based bands. 

Pete is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to getting the right sound and works hard to make sure the other band members try their best as well - one of the reasons why The Choos have a tight sound. 


Pete likes a wide range of music and particularly loves his jazz funk stuff but is a master of the soul brass-section sound. Vocally he can sing backing vocals with the best of them and has a natural ear for harmonies, filling in behind the lead singers with ease.


During the day Pete works as a carpenter and can often be heard singing his own made-up songs out loud in order to keep himself occupied... (apparently for some reason most of them seem to include a line about `takin' your pants down'...??)


His sharp (and sometimes evil) wit and sense of humour come across during the bands performances, often making gigs very entertaining!


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